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Questions & Answers

What is included in the Chat-Board pack when purchased?
Each board comes with fixing screws and instructions, 3 magnets and 1 marker pen – white neon or black in colour depending on the colour of your purchased board (Black, Starlight Black, Aubergine or Navy Blue all come with White). Each pen is supplied with a metallic coil allowing them to be hung on the magnet – ensuring its never put down and never to be found again (like many pens so often tend to be!).

Also included is a template for easy installation and fixing a location on the wall.

How easy is it to install?
In a word…very! Each board includes fixing screws and easy to follow fitting instructions. The boards are fixed with simple “keyhole” fixings found on the back of the board, and you are good to go!

Does it come with a clear installation guide (in English)?
Yes, the instruction guide is clear and comprehensive, you’ll have your board up and running in no time at all.

Which tools do I need to install it?
You won’t need much in the way of tools, simply a Drill if it is being fitted to a brick or plasterboard wall, and your old friend of a Phillips Screwdriver.

Can it be used as a mobile writing board?
This particular board is designed for use as a fixed writing board, however we do also have a selection of mobile boards that would be perfect for your needs – click here for more details and to view what we have available in our mobile range!

Can it be used as a projector screen?
Chat-Board is specifically designed as a magnetic writing surface. However some of the colours may be suitable for projection and it’s really best to experiment when you have the board on the wall in your home. Specialist projectable boards are available in larger sizes specifically targeted at the contract market- Please *click here for further details*.

How strong are the magnets supplied?
The Chat-Board magnets were developed specifically to work in conjunction with the writing board, and as such – offer an exceptionally strong adhesion. We’d go as far to say we’ve not seen any competitive product using as good-a magnet as us!

Not only are they strong, but they also multifunctional, one providing an outer plastic casing for finger grip and easy use, the other to hold your pen in one safe place when the board is not in use.

Are additional Magnets/Pens available?
Yes! The Chat-Board magnets have been specifically developed to work with the boards and offer exceptional adhesion We also supply the marker pens in a range of creative colours too, find out more about our magnets/pen accessories *here* (link)

What sizes and colours are the Chat-Boards available in?
Basically there are 9 standard sizes and 21 standard colours in the range. However we are currently offering 3 sizes, 400 mm x 500 mm & 500 x 800 in 21 colours. The full range of all colours and sizes is also available on an extended lead time. We also offer a bespoke size service with our Boards – so they can come in any size and any colour you like.

(NOTE: Bespoke sizes orders are only realistic for a very large board for example, or for someone / a company ordering a large quantity of a bespoke model. They are not affordable for a one off small board for example.)

We can even cut holes for electric sockets and make circular Chat-Boards – whatever works best for you and suits your needs and usage! Contact us directly to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you.

Are Shelves and tables available?
You can also purchase matching (or contrasting if you’d prefer!) glass shelves in a variety of widths to sit underneath your Chat-Board. The shelves are 8mm tempered and laminated glass, and come with an aluminium extrusion wall fixing back. (Please note there may be slight colour variations on comparison of the shelf and board due to the difference in thickness of glass in the two products).

We also supply Glass Tables in a variety of colours (Black, Opal White, Dark Grey, Aubergine, Leaf Green, Grey, Lime, Green, Orange and Lavender), which have a height adjustable frame and available in two standard sizes (1000×1000 or 1000 x 2000) designed to perfectly compliment the chat board in its surroundings.

What makes Chat-Boards so unique compared to competitors?
Our Chat-Boards really do boast a high end original Danish design, and offer a sleek and stylish finish to complement countless décors, be that at home or work.

As well as the super smooth rounded edges (similar shape and feel to that of the iPad) with radius corners, its super slim design stands almost flush against the wall (only 16mm) with ZERO fittings on show – leaving just your chosen colour (from subtle shades to bold and beautiful) and ultimate finish (optional shelving and mirrored finish available) to draw everyone’s eye and attention.

Chat-Board glass is light and UV resistant. The paints used are environmentally friendly and contain no heavy metals or chemicals harmful to our environment. The paints used can withstand temperatures up to 80 C and are fixed during the production process ensuring a deep reflective and lustrous consistent finish

Not only does the Chat-Board come with a flawless appearance and some of the strongest magnets on the market, it is also manufactured with the highest quality smooth edge glass, leaving you with a maintenance free product, and one that is long lasting. Conventional whiteboards can fade and discolor over time, however the Chat-Board will stand the test of time leaving you happy with the product for many years to come!

Is the Chat-Board safe for children?
Due to small parts supplied with the Chat-Board, we do not recommend this product for children.

Choking hazard. Not for children under 6 years. This product contains small magnets. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed.

How resistant is the Board? Is it easily broken?
It is quite strong really and made with toughened glass unlike some lower grade products on the market. In addition, in the event of a breakage, the glass has been developed with a rear safety foil, meaning if in the event of this happening the glass will be safely contained by the foil and not shatter into small pieces.

Will the Chat Board come with any guarantees?
Our Chat-Boards all come with a 2 year product guarantee, with an additional 7 day “no quibble” return policy with full product refund* in place for your convenience too.