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chat boards - colour magnetic writing boards

Our Chat-Boards really do boast a high end original Danish design, and offer a unique sleek and stylish finish to complement countless décors, be that at home or work.

As well as the super smooth rounded edges (similar shape and feel to that of the iPad) its super slim design stands almost flush against the wall (only 16mm) with ZERO fittings on show – leaving just a high quality beautiful yet functional reflective glass on show. Choose your shade from 21 standard colours (from subtle shades to bold and beautiful) 9 standard sizes (optional shelving and mirrored finish available and glass tables) to draw everyone’s eye and attention.

Not only does the Chat-Board come with a flawless appearance and some of the strongest magnets on the market, it is also manufactured with the highest quality smooth edge glass, leaving you with a maintenance free product, and one that is long lasting.

While other low quality products can fade and discolour over time, the Chat-Board will stand the test of time leaving you happy with the product for many years to come.

Its original Danish design is the height of fashion, with rounded edges and radius corners and fitting almost flush with your wall (16mm) with ZERO fittings on show, leaving your board to steal all the glowing glances in its wall space.

Not only does it look great, but the board is environmentally friendly too – the paint used during production does not contain any heavy metals or chemicals that are hurtful to our planet, meaning you can chose to be green in more ways than just the glass colour!

With each board you receive a FREE marker pen with a magnetic coil to enable the pen to hang on the board (in either black or white, depending on which coloured glass you chose to buy) and 3 magnets, and they aren’t just any old magnets either!

The magnets supplied with Chat-Board are some of the strongest on the market, we know of no other product or magnets that can compete. The magnets were developed specifically for use with the board, meaning when used together you’ll get an exceptionally strong adhesion – never will a shopping or to-do list go stray again.

The magnets are also multifunctional, one able to attach to a metallic coil with your marker pen (preventing your pen from going walkabout, which, lets face it – we’ve all been there with board markers and stationary) and one with an outer plastic casing with finger grip mouldings for easy movement and usability.

The board also comes with some great upgradeable options and add-ons too, such as glass shelving and a mirrored finish. Matching glass tables are also available

Now, for the technical part: It couldn’t be simpler.

The product itself consists of two parts:

With these two straightforward components combined, it produces a durable and long lasting product – immune to fading and discolouration like many white boards and similar on the market today. For added safety, should accidents arise – the safety foil lamination provides not only safety by preventing the glass from shattering into tiny pieces (avoiding a tricky and hazardous situation and containing the pieces in one place) but also helps protect the varnish from scratches and marks, keeping that glossy ‘brand new’ feel for even longer.

The Chat-Board glass is heat resistant (the paint used withstanding temperatures of up to 80 °C, and is moisture resistant too, ensuring the board is fully adaptable to any situation in environment, be it a feature in a modern home or living area, to a construction building for easy project planning!

Not only this, but the board is Light and UV resistant – helping your board preserve its fresh feel and colour throughout its product life.

With all this in mind, there really is no reason NOT to buy a Chat-Board – if you can buy something that looks gorgeous, is ‘green’ and gets a tick in the go-ahead for safety and longevity, you really would be missing out.